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    About SJMC Orthopedic

    Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Sugar land tx 77479

    Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Sugar land tx

    About Us

    SJMC Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Sugar land tx and Sports Medicine Centers’ contract-renowned Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Sugar land tx have a unique dedication to patient care. We are committed to treating the entire range of bone and joint conditions – reducing pain, restoring motion, and helping patients return to their previous way of life.

    Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Sugar land tx provides Patient safety is also at the center of care at SJMC Orthopedic Surgeon . We strive to make you feel safe and secure while you are at our center. Every member of our staff is dedicated to: Best Orthopedic Surgeon in Sugarland tx 77479

    • Providing you with a safe, healthy, and secure environment
    • Performing their jobs carefully and competently
    • Using safe and effective practices and technologies
    • Responding to your wants and needs in a timely manner
    • Ensuring timely communication between caregivers and patients

    Our trained staff helps you feel at ease. We are highly dedicated and goal is to improve your health. We servers Sugar land TX

    They Say

    Went to this doctor due to a small emergency. Usually a patient with someone else but not anymore! Dr. Garcia made me feel like I was actually being listened to with my concerns and addressed all my issues with such calmness it made me feel at ease. He didn’t dismiss me at all and explained things to me thoroughly. That small effort went a long way and I will absolutely recommend him to anyone in need of an ENT.

    Annabel Benavides
    - Health Grade

    They Say

    Went to Dr. Speck today. He was kind but straight forward. He was quick to present treatment options and once one was decided on, quick to act. I am grateful he understood my nervousness at the procedure, but worked quickly and efficiently to take care of my issues. I am glad Dr. Speck was chosen for my referral and appreciative of his easy to follow instructions and relaxed demeanor.

    Ashley Rhodes
    - Google

    They Say

    Dr. Speck is perhaps a bit old school, and maybe a little gruff when you first meet him. But he is good, and fair, and thorough and his office staff are incredibly polite. They will work with you and your insurance to make sure important services are administered without making you poor. I so appreciate the time they take to explain what needs doing. I am reasonably young but blessed with skin that will cause me issues with cancers for life most likely. I am glad Dr. Speck and his team are the ones looking out for me.

    MaryAshley McGibbon
    - Google